Major Lazer

Diplo – New Shapes (Feat. Octavian)

Major Lazer‘s frontman is back with a fresh new sound and this production is hitting all the right notes thanks to the vocals of a young and upcoming artist called Octavian. Diplo drops his latest track called ‘New Shapes‘ but it’s not quite the hard-hitting Diplo sound fans might expect. Instead, the music producer switches out heavy basslines and outrageous drops for a cooled-down tempo of R&B beats. But the star of this track is Octavian who provides his silky vocals across the tune making for one extremely pleasing and easy listening collaboration.

This track, however, comes with an interesting back story of how one talented individual got to work with one of electronic dance music’s biggest stars. Writing in the comment section on YouTube, Diplo wrote:

“I met Octavian at a party in London. In a dark warehouse under an over pass. Some friend said hey man meet this young artists he is going to be really big. I said “ok” took a photo and then thought ok I’ll never see this kid again.. but in fact over the next 6 months I kept hearing his name and seeing him on great songs and I tried to stay in touch even tho he had another 12 phone numbers since we met. Finally he was stuck in LA for a while where he wasn’t as known as London and it was easy to pull up on him, he couldn’t escape. After a few weeks we nailed this song and I’m glad it got to finally see the light of day. Big up to Jim-E Stack for producing this with me.”

The track itself is smooth from the onset and Diplo makes sure to hit all the right feels with a down-tempo beat. Complimented perfectly with Octavian’s vocals, we potentially have a track that could see itself dominate the music charts in time to come. Diplo proves once again why he is one of the most talented music producers on the scene right now. Of course, this feat is backed by Diplo’s most recent award which saw him pick up a Grammy win for Best Dance Record with his track ‘Electricity‘ with Mark Ronson and Dua Lipa.

You can check out the new track below with its Lyric video and let us know in the comments what you think of the new sound from Diplo and Octavian.