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Dr. Shiver talks about his latest track ‘We Need Hope’ in exclusive interview

An artist who has been recognized for his virtuoso-like position in the industry, DJ, multi-instrumentalist and record producer Dr. Shiver looks set to have yet another successful year. The Italian producer who released tracks like ‘Money Maker‘ and ‘Bla Bla Bla‘ in 2018, also saw his Art&Music Recording imprint do well with a flurry of releases from the likes of Solberjum, Beowülf and David Allen. Beginning 2019 in great style, February saw Dr. Shiver release ‘We Need Hope’ on Lost Frequencies‘ newly launched label Found Frequencies.

The single was premiered by us here and was recognized for the production’s ‘driving energy’ and vocalist Zeek Burse’s ‘sublime’ vocal talent. Not one to shy away to give his opinion on things as they are, Dr. Shiver sat down with us for an exclusive interview – one where he talks about his brief but meaningful meeting with Lost Frequencies, his recent influences, what 2019 holds for us and of course, the recent single released on the Found Frequencies imprint.

As you are making your debut on Lost Frequencies’ latest label, can you explain how this new single found its home?

I was walking outside the Delamar during the ADE this year when David Allen told me: “Hey, look there, that guy is Lost Frequencies!”, so I immediately went to him and introduced myself. He already knew who I was since he supported a few tracks of mine back in days, so I gave him a sample with some new unreleased tracks. He was super late for a radio show so the whole thing was very quick and my first, wrong impression I must admit, was: “this guy is really not interested”. I have never been happier to be wrong!! Felix wrote me an email that same night asking to sign 2 tracks. One of these 2 tracks was “We Need Hope”. You’ll know more about the other one, titled “Comfort Zone” and featuring the marvelous Alexia Woods, very soon.

After that first email, I kept taking with Felix (Lost Frequencies) and I found out that he is a super nice, easy-going and a supportive guy!

What was the inspiration behind ‘We Need Hope’?

I was working on a super ruff demo a couple of years ago: it was like the “grandfather” of “We Need Hope”. When I heard that demo again, I thought: how cool would it be to make a funky arrangement on this one with a gospel vocal?

That’s how the track was born. In each of my productions, I try to put a bit of my musical background and “We Need Hope” is a perfect sound that totally represents me and my past: funky and gospel.

How did you link up with the vocalist Zeek Burse?

Once I understood the direction I wanted to bring “We Need Hope” to, I just started thinking about which vocalist was really able to give that “magical and authentic gospel vibe” to the record.

A dear friend of mine, famous Italian DJ, Joe T Vannelli, played me a record with Zeek singing on it. Once I heard it, I thought: holy shit, he is the one. Joe immediately introduced me to Zeek and we started writing through Skype. I was focusing on the top-line of the vocals while Zeek together with Pharalee, a super talented American singer and songwriter, was working out the lyrics and helping in developing the top-line.

What are your thoughts on the comeback of “real” house music as a genre and the community as it stands today?

Music works in cycles: nothing is really new out there. Everything is just a “renewed” version of something that was already created by somebody else.

Contamination is just the right answer to your question, contamination is just the right answer to “how did we get there?”. So yes, real house music is coming back for sure. Real instruments are coming back as well: today, in the age of synthesizers and computers where everything is digital and cold, there is a desperate need for concrete, warm sounds and instruments.

Personally, I am happy this is happening because, since the beginning of my career as a musical producer, I have always tried to mix contemporary music with old classical, synthesizer with real instruments and so on.

Given your background, you’ve been in this industry for quite a while now. How hard has it been for you to adapt musically over the years as the sound of electronic music continues to change?

No! Wrong question for me. The right question should be “why should you not follow trends and what the market considers “fresh” and make it yours own instead and trying to create a new trend?

History never remembers who’s just adapting to changes, history only remembers who made these changes.

As you continue to display your diverse creativity, nowadays who do you look to for musical inspiration?

Lots of people really, it’s hard to pinpoint specific names. I can just name a few but the list is much longer: Mark Ronson, Alicia Keys, Pharrell, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Hans Zimmer, Mozart, Ray Charles, Queen,Quincy Jones, Joey Defrancesco, Alice Merton, Elvis, Zedd and so on.

My inspiration is really from everyone who creates good music.

The last two years have been huge for you: how do you hope to capitalize on this momentum in 2019?

I have different things going on in 2019.

I have this other track, “Comfort Zone” that will be released soon on Found Frequencies; I will be doing a big masterclass on March 13th/14th in my studio together with the guys from Wonder Manage, with Shapov, Daddy’s Groove and Nicola Fasano as coaches together with me.

We will have a bunch of new music and artists on my own imprint, Art&Music Recording. Recently we released a new atomic bomb by Galoski and R5tik titled “Shake It Down”

Besides all of these things, I believe that the cherry on top of the cake is a huge event that we will host on February 27th. Since 1001tracklists will be a partner, I can give you a little spoiler: 3.30 pm CET tune in on the Facebook pages of Dr. Shiver, Armada, Lost Frequencies, Found Frequencies, 1001tracklist and We Rave You… I will be in my Art&Music Studios doing an unplugged version of “We Need Hope” with an incredible band made of 15 musicians and 11 singers!

You can purchase Dr. Shiver’s latest production ‘We Need Hope’ on iTunes here.

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