Duke Dumont Duality

Duke Dumont – Red Light Green Light

The electronic club and festival landscape has been evolving into an interestingly more arrayed scene, in the sense that it’s no longer just about the music. Lighting, pyrotechnics, and visuals help direct the show into a story-driven atmosphere, whereby the show-goer leaves with a memorable experience.  The performer transforms the dance-floor into somewhat of an adult playground, which is exactly what clubbers all around want to feel; to tap into the inner child within them so to feel liberated and connected on harmonized levels with their surroundings. Duke Dumont presents just exactly that, in the form of his newest single ‘Red Light Green Light’.

The British musician playfully waltzes between driving bass-lines and catchy synth-work, along with the guiding vocal of actor and musician Shaun Ross. Resembling a dialogue similar to the games of ‘Simon Says’, Shaun reenacts the childlike feel by noting that “when I say red light, I need you to stop”, and “when I say green light, I need you to go”. A fitting addition to the ‘For Club Play Only’ series, warm it up at home but don’t be surprised when it’s played out at the next club you attend.

Take a listen to the new Duke Dumont single; ‘Red Light Green Light’ below and grab a copy here!