Everfish – Odyssey (feat. Daniel Gilbert)

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While it is always extremely tough to break rhythm with the mainstream, San Francisco based producer Ryan Fish has been attempting to break barriers with the epical nature of his productions. Better known by the Everfish moniker he uses, the budding producer employs cinematic vibes and only the most infectious bass-lines to absolutely capture the listener’s attention. While his first ever EP remains in the pipelines, the first few singles from the upcoming multi-genre EP are ready to argue the case for it. Whereas ‘Vanquish’ – one of the singles from the EP – will be out later in the month, the title track of the ‘Odyssey’ EP has already set quite a bar for what to expect from Everfish.

‘Odyssey’ features two riveting guitar solos from musician Daniel Gilbert, Celtic style vocals and a bass-line that ensures an enjoyable listening experience. The track announces its overture with the scintillating vocals and heavy guitar riffs. As it grows into its own, Everfish’s use of thumping bass-laced beats forms the foundation for ‘Odyssey’ to then rely on the sumptuous guitar solos played by Gilbert in the two halves of the track. Assured to stand out in the upcoming EP, the title track does well and allows Everfish to mark himself out as a producer to keep your eyes on – and if the ‘Odyssey’ is anything to go by, we’re sure in for treat.

You can follow Everfish on Facebook here. Check out ‘Odyssey’ on YouTube here and Spotify here.

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