Everfish – Vanquish

When it comes to employing his guile and craft to conjure an impressive production, San Francisco based producer Ryan Fish is as good as any budding producer. Donning the veil of his Everfish persona, the American producer recently released ‘Odyssey‘, which is supposed to be the title track of an upcoming multi-genre EP from his production desk. The release of ‘Odyssey’ marked 2019’s first release from Everfish and takes his grand total to two releases between this year and the last one. As pointed out in our last piece, the release of ‘Odyssey’ was to be followed by the release of yet another single from the EP and now the wait is over.

Released as ‘Vanquish’, the second feature from the ‘Odyssey’ EP is out to impress listeners with its remarkable production style and downright impressive bass-laced drops. Founded on eerie beats and long-drawn bass lines that swirl around in great fashion before the markedly Psy-Trance influenced ‘drop’ announces itself, ‘Vanquish’ sees Everfish take a different approach when compared to ‘Odyssey’ – the epic nature of the latter is replaced by the war-like imagery of the former. The second ‘drop’ showcases more energy and is more upbeat than the first, yet also showcases the varied styles that are employed in the same production. Another sturdy single from Everfish, ‘Vanquish’ acts as another great pillar upon with the upcoming EP can pride itself.

You can check out ‘Vanquish’ by Everfish on Spotify here and on iTunes here.

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