Feed Me – High Street Creeps

Feed Me (Jonathan Gooch) has dropped his new album, High Street Creeps.’ The 10 track album features a new sound that we have never heard before from Feed Me. His last album, Calamari Tuesday’ had more of an electro house feel to it with the in-your-face high intensity beats, however, ‘High Street Creeps has more of a poppy, high energy feel to it, bouncing back and forth throughout the album.

The album has some “feel good” tracks such as, ‘Feel Love‘ and ‘Pumpkin Eyes.’ Other tracks like, Satanic Panic’ and Sleepless’ have that high-intensity house feel to them. The album is definitely something different from what we last heard in 2013 and Feed Me admits that:

“With the second album it was written all across the world, across a big expanse of time. Getting the mindset to distill it into something congruous meant a lot of thought. I flew to LA with my whole setup for a while and drove around setting up and working with different vocalists and artists which was the antithesis of how I had always worked; some of it was written there, some in my studio, and some away from the box as it were. I’ve started to love making music or sketching ideas away from a screen and I wanted that reflected in there, too. It spans multiple years and a big change, even building my own studio, and a big learning experience.” 

Feed Me’s new, High Street Creeps’ is available on Spotify. Make sure to take a listen, you will not be disappointed.