Galoski & Ra5tik discuss collaborating on latest track, and much more

Together, Galoski and Serbian producer Ra5tik have accumulated appearances in 25 different countries in the past year including tours in China and Ultra Singapore as well as sharing stages with the world’s biggest acts such as Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Nicky Romero, and Hardwell to name just a few.

Having teamed up on tracks like ‘Next Level‘ the pair recently reunited to form their new festival anthem ‘Shake It Down‘, with the duo keen to discuss a number of topics, including their excitement at working with Dr Shiver, and why acts like Diplo or Martin Garrix inspire them daily to become the “best that we can be.”

This is what happened when the pair sat down with We Rave You to discuss their accomplishments so far:


This is your second collaboration together, what led you guys to work together again after ‘Next Level’?

Galoski: “Mainly the friendship and the fun we are having in the studio. I met Ra5tik on a festival in his country, and since then he was showing me some of his ideas and asked me for collaboration. Previously, we had some tracks finished but none of them was label material, even if they were supported by some major names, labels nowadays are picky – it was struggling to get some of the tracks signed. But with ‘Next Level’ and ‘Shake It Down’ we did it, so hard work is the key.

Ra5tik: “Galoski and I first met in Zrenjanin, Serbia in 2017, and since then, we had studio sessions now and then worked on projects and shared knowledge.  Sometimes we start some ideas that we never finish because we are not satisfied with the result and then we start something new. ‘Shake It Down’ is a result of having fun and of course hard work!”

Considering this song is titled, ‘Shake it down’, is there a connection between your last collaboration with the lyrics ‘Take it down’ or is it just a coincidence?

No, It was coincidence! ‘Shake It Down’ was previously was named as ‘Do You Want to Dance’ actually. Usually we take a part of the lyrics – and use it as a name of the track. If it’s an instrumental track, then we have to think and drink some more espresso to boost the ideas.”

How did your work environment influence the song? Are there specific work conditions that allow ideas to flow better?

Galoski: “I remember I was touring China, in October 2018 while working on the ‘last touches’ on the track. Usually visiting new places, meeting new people, looking at different stuff and things is inspiring to me.”

Ra5tik: “I get inspired in many different ways. Sometimes while I’m performing in a club by the crowd reaction, sometimes when I’m outside having a walk, travelling or drinking coffee.”

Was the track bounced around virtually or did you have the privilege of working side by side?

Galoski: “Some ideas were started side by side, drinking coffee in the studio. But ‘Shake It Down’ was done virtually as I was on the other part of the world when we did it. Thanks to the internet!”

Ra5tik: “Galoski was touring China, I was in Serbia so we were sending ideas over and over until we were satisfied with the result. But depends from project to project. I usually start many ideas and send over to Galoski, some of them are so bad some of them are great and they end-up as a signed material to a label. You know never giving up is how you win.”

When creating your high-energy sound, how do you make sure you stay in the right mood to produce such upbeat tempos?

Galoski: “When I’m working on a project, I keep visualising how it’s going to work during my shows, always trying to finish the ideas so quick until the inspiration is there. Sometimes I think that my room is a club or a festival – you know I’m a kid forever.”

Ra5tik: “I love stuff that is full of energy, so when I get inspired and I’m making something like that, it is always keeping me in the right mood. I do love to play my stuff during my shows, it’s inspiring seeing people dancing and having fun on your own music.”

Which other artists influence you and how?

Galoski: “Axwell, Ingrosso, Alesso, DJ Snake, Diplo, Tiestoeach of them in a different way.”

Ra5tik: “Skrillex, DJ Snake, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Diplo and many more.They influence me to challenge myself to become better and work harder. We have another collaboration signed to Armada Music and we are working on follow-ups. Of course both us having solo stuff coming and collaborations with other artists.”

How does it feel like to have your track mixed by Dr. Shiver and what did you learn/which improvements did he bring to the track?

Galoski: “To be honest, I’m so proud to have this chance to work and learn stuff from Dr. Shiver – such a nice human being, I call him the professor. He definitely, took the track to another level. One of his quotes is  “Learn the theory and then f*ck the rules” – I got that printed on my wall in the studio – and I learned so much stuff on how to improve my mixes and production.”

Ra5tik: “Dr. Shiver is, without a doubt, one of the best music producers and sound engineers out there. I am very honoured to have worked with such a nice guy, and he really brought the track to another level.”

 You can check out the duo’s latest track below:

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