Hard Rock Sofa breaks hiatus with new single ‘Crazy Things’

A name that has not been muttered too often is back on the lips of electronic dance music fans as Hard Rock Sofa breaks its hiatus and return to the spotlight with a brand new track called ‘Crazy Things‘. Formerly comprised of two artists, the now lone yet impressively talented mind behind Hard Rock Sofa strikes hard with a fresh deep house record that’s guaranteed to find its way up the music charts and prove itself a hot summer hit in no time at all. The track sees standalone producer Denis Chepikov join forces with LA-based DJ and producer Angelina Lavo and features music artist QUEEN SESSI for the vocals. Get this one added straight into your playlists because your parties will thank you for it later.

Smooth form the onset, ‘Crazy Things‘ is soft by nature but thrilling in its melodies. The track provides subtle beats what float effortlessly alongside the vocals of QUEEN SESSI. Even during the mid parts of the production, Hard Rock Sofa make sure the chilled beats stay unchanged throughout. The track oozes sunshines vibes and sandy beaches. It will have you dreaming about summer whenever and wherever you are.

Since the departure of Shapov (Alexander Shapovalov) who has now pursued his solo career, fans are still greeting the return of Hard Rock Sofa with cheers and their music back in our ears. We certainly can’t wait to see more of what Chepikov has in store for all the fans and those who have been there all those years ago. Hopefully, there will be plenty more tracks like the classic production ‘Blow Up‘ which recently turned eight years old. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for the Russian in the coming months and head here for more of the freshest electronic releases. Now, listen to the stellar track below and watch its music video.