Hardwell & Dannic – Chase The Sun

Dutch DJ’s and producers Hardwell (Robbert van de Corput) and Dannic (Daan Rumers) have released a new collaboration track named ‘Chase The Sun,’ a follow up to their 2015 track ‘Survivor’. The song also features English native singer, Kelli-Leigh. ‘Chase The Sun’ was released under Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings record label, which Dannic had produced records for in the past.

As we all know by now, Hardwell has retired from performing at festivals in order to focus on himself and his music. With his retirement from live performances he has released a string of tunes including, ‘Being Alive’ a collaboration with JGUAR which is a follow up to 2013’s Apollo and his recent release ‘Chase The Sun.’ It comes as no surprise, with only one day of being released, ‘Chase The Sun’ has already gone to the Mint playlist on Spotify. With Hardwell having more time to focus on himself and his music we can only wait eagerly and see what amazing tracks he releases next.