Jeffrey Sutorius

Jeffrey Sutorius – Bad Days

In an attempt to go beyond the recent struggles and drama around his former Dash Berlin persona, Dutch DJ, performer and producer Jeffrey Sutorius is back to the chart with his first-ever solo release. The last few months have seen Eelke Kalberg and Sebastian Molijn, the other two members of the Dash Berlin persona, stuck in conflict with Jeffrey over the moniker’s rights – from which, the latter claims, he has been ousted after adequate registration by the other two and the management company. Having set the record straight and completed all the ceremonial goodbyes, Jeffrey is now looking to begin again as a solo act. And with this determination, he releases his first ever solo track titled ‘Bad Days’, which will be released on the BODYWRMR imprint setup recently by the Dutchman.

‘Bad Days’ is essentially a retelling of the hard times gone by, as it invokes the image of Jeffrey starting on the path to recreate a brand of his own. Featuring famed singer/songwriter Jake Reese on vocal duties, the track boasts of a well-laid melodic foundation that benefits from the quirky beat-work employed to give it shape. As the uplifting single comes into its own, the track breaks into a serenading flash of mellifluous synth punches which do well to latch behind Jake Reese’s empowering voice. A marker of a new adventure which lays the foundation for the start of another legacy, ‘Bad Days’ is a track that allows Jeffrey Sutorius to resume his career, now with his own identity and style.

You can check out more from Jeffrey Sutorius here and from BODYWRMR here.

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