Jesus Loves Electro

Jesus Loves Electro – Made To Be (feat. Eric Tryland)

A duo who have amassed great following within and beyond the borders of their home nation, the Norwegian act Jesus Loves Electro have been steadily making headway in the dance music industry. Quite a unique act in themselves, the duo, comprising of Casper Cornelius and Ole José Norum, are focused on combining the devotion and belief entrenched in religion with the thumping raw energy of dance music. A religious act out to make an impact through their music, the duo of Jesus Loves Electro, while having performed at various events and venues within the Scandinavian region, also boast of a huge following and support outside of it, due to their shows in locations in South America and across Europe.

Continuing with the same energy, the duo are back to the charts with their latest single titled ‘Made To Be’, featuring fellow Norwegian singer/songwriter Eric Tryland on the vocals. ‘Made To Be’ begins with an injection of infectious vocals from the budding vocalist as the foundation for the track takes shape in the backdrop. With each passing moment, the track picks up pace to rely on a riveting build-up towards the ‘drop’. With the release of ‘Made To Be’, the Jesus Loves Electro duo add to their stellar catalog of bass-driven gospels, which boasts of progressive hits such as ‘Lift‘ – which was released a year ago. A mellifluous track in its totality, ‘Made To Be’ relies on its sheer energy and prayerful lyrics to tout itself in strength, as yet another jewel in Jesus Loves Electro’s beloved live-shows.

You can purchase ‘Made To Be’ here on iTunes or stream it on Spotify here.

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