Joystick - CO.OP

Joystick – CO:OP

What stuck out in the latest Blade Runner movie was its depiction of the modern dystopia – where ‘mere data makes a man‘. Running along this very theme, the Joystick duo are set to deliver a thrilling album that compliments their great affection for video games and virtual adventures. Titled ‘CO:OP‘, the 9-track album runs through varied strains of Dubstep to impress thoroughly as a set of production, while anyway acting as way to add to one’s gaming experience. The album kicks off with ‘Encryption’, a track that utilizes phased-out vocal chops to introduce the concept of the album. It utilizes extended bass-laced beats and shuffle-worthy vibes to lay the foundation of what to expect from the remaining eight tracks.

Up next is ‘Overdrive’, which, while following suit in terms of the vocal chops and thrilling beat-work, features crafty bass-lines that capture the listener’s attention before turning into a steady flow of beats that engross the listener completely. ‘Quickscope’ and ‘Overpowered’ borrow from game speak and stand out as two extremely well-crafted takes from the album. While the former invokes a more contemplative listening experience, ‘Overpowered’ is pure energy, upbeat and adeptly maintains the thrill of the album.

‘Lag-Switch’ begins with a slow overture and holds its own before doing a complete flip to unleash a flurry of break-beat joy that infects with its use of vocal chops, artful beats and bass-lines. While ‘Push’ becomes the worthy bridge to inch the album closer toward a curtain call, ‘Compulsion’ and ‘Blasted’ act as two productions that mark out the production style of the album in some style – showcasing guile and energy.

The 9-track album then draws to a close with ‘Game Over’. ‘Game Over’ uses subtle vocal chops and a backing melody to sift through emotions, only to deliver a thumping ‘drop’ that features acute bass-lines and duo’s signature vocal chop. Released on GG Records, the Joystick duo’s debut album ‘CO:OP’ adds to their great start in 2019 – which began with the release of ‘Hard’. A mature and well produced set of releases – all of which have a common thread running within, ‘CO:OP’ is sure to catch the right kind of attention, not in the least from the gaming community.

You can check out the 9-track release on iTunes here.

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