Kaskade celebrates young fan’s victory over cancer with exclusive B2B set

One of the few exemplary figures of the dance music scene, globally renowned American DJ and producer Kaskade has recently come to the forefront with an act of utter kindness and joy. The ‘Move For Me‘ hit-maker flew down to Whittier, California to perform a special set at Efrain Cuessy’s birthday party. Efrain, who admits to being a massive fan of the DJ since he was 12, had contracted cancer and wished, through the Make-A-Wish foundation, that he get to meet Kaskade in person. As soon as Kaskade’s team heard of the request, they suggested that Efrain keep hold of his wish and that they would organize the entire meet at Efrain’s house on their own.

As the heartwarming story kept developing, Efrain battled and won against cancer and celebrated just his 18th birthday at the end of January, 2019. At the birthday party, where he planned to play a set for those in attendance, he was joined by none other than Kaskade, who after a startling entry, offered to play a B2B set with Efrain. A story straight out of the fairy tales, this episode, away from Kaskade’s busy touring and production schedule, is one that has impressed one and all. And it was not a birthday party that those in attendance would ever forget as there could be no better way for Efrain to celebrate beating cancer and his 18th birthday than by having his DJ idol perform exclusively at his party.

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01-31-2019 I was born 18 years ago, and since the age of 12, I started listening to Ryan Raddon (a.k.a @kaskade ). I heard the song “Atmosphere” and immediately got hooked on his music. I kept listening and listening, wanting to see him more and more every time. Back in August, I was diagnosed with cancer and was given a Make-A-Wish. This was it. I wanted to see Kaskade. I posted my story on the @kaskadekonnect FB page, and @jodicall reached out to me about it. She told me to save that wish and that Ryan would come. I didn’t know how to react. My idol was coming to my house. How can you react to that?! I told my parents, and they laughed. I can’t blame them, I couldn’t believe it either. As I went through my rounds of chemo., Jodi kept in touch with me, letting me know that this was indeed going to happen. Time went on, and it all started piecing together. @mattmiera , @brycewilliamtennison , and @sammmetz got in on the project and started getting it all ready. Then it happened. I turned 18, and Kaskade was coming to my birthday party. I was planning on doing a little set before he went on, but as I was 3 songs in, Ryan walks in. First off, I was fan girling. Second off, he went up to me and asked if I wanted to go a little B2B with him… hold up there. Did Kaskade just ask me if I wanted to go B2B with him?! Of course I said yes, how could I not? The party went on. We danced our hearts out and had the time of our lives. It became a legendary night. One that I won’t forget, and one that I hope Ryan and everyone in attendance doesn’t. From the bottom of my heart, thank you @kaskade . Thank you @jodicall for setting it up. Thank you @sammmetz for being my second mom and best friend. Thank you @mattmiera for assisting with the planning and @brycewilliamtennison for helping with the sound (also s/o to Sean and his team). Everyone really made this night one I won’t forget. Thank you for this. Llove, Efrain Cuessy

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