Kygo releases cinematic music video for ‘Think About You’

Kygo has released a romantic narrative video to accompany his Valentines day release, ‘Think About You‘. The Norwegian producer called on Australian artist and photographer Sarah Bahbah to direct the music video. Dylan Sprouse, who previously starred in a music video for Camilla Cabello’s ‘Consequences’, plays a lovestruck young man named Jax. Khadijha Red Thunder plays his love interest, Ariel. Valerie Broussard, who lends her vocals to the track, cameos as a lounge singer. Rob Raco, of Riverdale fame, also plays a supporting role.

The music video plays out on the screen as a silent film, using subtitles to express the inner dialogue of the characters. The dramatic narrative follows the highs and lows of Jax and Ariel’s turbulent relationship. Kygo’s signature tropical house sound combined with Broussard’s emotional vocals tugs at the heartstrings, perfectly suiting the cinematic love story. Since the music video’s release, it has already amassed over 1.8 million views on YouTube. Watch the video below.

The latest release from Kygo has seen itself reach more than 13 million streams in less than just 2 weeks. Check out the music video below!