Marshmello x SVDDEN DEATH – Sell Out

Marshmello has no doubt established himself as one of the biggest artists of our generation. His 2018 was characterised with record-breaking music and spectacular live performances, the masked DJ and producer has been keeping up his incredible work up in 2019. He recently performed a virtual live set on the popular videogame Fortnite, setting a record breaking numbers for atendees and viewers. His latest release ‘Sell Out’ comes in the form of a collaboration with upcoming LA DJ and producer SVDDEN DEATH.

‘Sell Out’ does a brilliant job of combining the two artists’ styles and sounds to create a track which sounds familiar yet unique. Starting off with one of Marshmello’s signature, simple yet infectious, melodies, the track evolves into a an anthemic section dominated by big percussive sounds and big supersaw chords before building into an incredibly powerful drop which is guaranteed to have devastating effects on dancefloors around the world.

On ‘Sell Out’, Marshmello shows he is one of the most versatile producers in the scene, able to adapt his sound to work with an impressive list of different artists whilst always delivering a high quality, unique product. Fans of the masked DJ and producer will no doubt be excited to hear more from him in his upcoming album ‘Joytime III‘, which was confirmed late in 2018.

As Marshmello continues to deliver outstanding pieces of music at an incredible rate, be sure to follow him on his social media to keep up to date with his latest music and touring schedule. You can listen to ‘Sell Out’ on Marshmello’s official YouTube channel below.


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