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Marshmello sends fans into a frenzy with teaser for upcoming single

Since making his presence known in the dance music scene, Marshmello has been dominating, to say the least. The masked producer has abandoned everything you know about modern branding and lets the music itself do the talking. Although his craft continues to dive into different fields of electronic music, the artist is never shy to try something new. That is exactly the case as we were just struck with a potential teaser of his next single.

Recently posted on Instagram, a video featuring Indian singers Pritam & Shirley Setia seems to be grabbing the attention of many. For those unfamiliar, the two artists have done their fair share of charting all across the state of Indian music. Coupled with gaining internet stardom, the two make a perfect match for Marshmello as he targets a new audience for his upcoming single ‘Biba’.

Just like any culture, dabbling with another native style of music can be tedious and should be done with the utmost respect. Though, we’re sure the pairings of Marshmello, Pritam, and Setia will get the job done just right. As we look into what the future holds for Mello, it appears the DJ/Producer has his eyes set on something much larger than life. We can only wait for this track to see the light of day.

Watch the clip below.

Progressive house was one of the greatest genres in dance music please change my mind.

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