Mr. Sid

Mr. Sid, Vill & Vash – Tombei

A huge collaboration has just dropped and this one’s ready to do some damage to the dance music charts. Arguably one of the boldest tracks to hit Al Sharif‘s music label, Zensa Records, ‘Tombei‘ is musical craftsmanship, expertly produced by Amsterdam native Mr. Sid along with Montenegro duo Vill & Vash. Together the trio has released an explosive new production that’s undoubtedly going to keep dancefloors alive and kicking with each unique play. And should we not forget to mention, this track is infectious from the onset. Turn the speakers up and play this track loud because ‘Tombei‘ has arrived!

Where do we start on breaking this one down? Elevating the listener with a flurry of percussive beats, ‘Tombei‘ emits those recognisable mainstage vibes with hard-hitting kicks and dominant basslines. With an onslaught of uplifting swells, the track’s drop hits harder than most and the true character of this production comes to life. Rife with energy, Mr. Sid with Vill & Vash will take over your body and keep you grooving until you can’t dance any more.

It’s an exciting time for Zensa Records and with the release of ‘Tombei‘ on their label, it looks to be an electrifying 2019 in the wake. For Mr. Sid, the music producer continues to grow from strength to strength with releases on multiple labels which already include Spinnin’, Staar Traxx and Sosumi Records & DOORN Records to name a few. Having ranking at position #62 on 1001tracklist’s ‘Top 100 Producers of 2018’, the Dutchman is only looking forward and up from here on.

Likewise, Vill & Vash are proving that they’re a formidable force and dance music fans should be keeping a watchful eye across. With early support from the likes of Ultra EuropeJewelz & Sparks and Aly & Fila, we will be seeing more of these two young producers on the electronic music radar in no time at all. Now get ready to feel the powerful beats in ‘Tombei‘ and enjoy the track below.