Nytrix’s new project ‘Created By Chaos’ is a musical adventure

What has been a relatively short time on the electronic dance music scene for self-taught music producer Nytrix, the talented individual is proving to the community what he is cable of. In fact, the LA-based artist’s latest production is turning heads all over the globe. Dubbed ‘Created By Chaos‘, the eight-track project is a storm of intergalactic sounds built to deliver one sole purpose – to take the listener on a musical adventure. ‘Created By Chaos’ has landed and it’s about to take over.

Nytrix is a versatile producer who makes tracks in a variety of styles from seductive dance pop plays to trap and Dutch-styled house bangers. His latest work embodies the very same diverse nature, this time around, Nytrix delivers an intergalactic experience of heavy-industrial bass beats, similar to those found in the works of prominent producers such as Rezz, Black Gummy and 1788-L. But the spotlight shines brightly on ‘Created By Chaos’ as the harder basslines and groove-layered melodies take centre stage.

Opening with the project’s namesake track, ‘Created By Chaos‘ leads the way and sets the atmosphere instantly with familiar industrial elements that are scattered throughout the entire track. Tech-heavy grooves are in abundance with ‘Glitch Porn‘ and ‘Username Not Found‘ making sure techno is well and truly alive. Nytrix continues to demonstrate his production ability with ‘Street Walker‘ which is arguably the biggest and hard-hitting track of the eight. The track delivers solid beats and deadly synths, making for a wondrous musical concoction. ‘Created By Chaos’ also includes ‘Crypto Gangster‘, ‘Groove Bot‘, ‘Neon District‘ and ‘Time Bender‘.

It’s been quite the journey so far for Nytrix since hitting the scene in 2015, but there’s so much more to come from. This is only the beginning of what promises to be an incredible career for Nytrix, so stay tuned for more of his creations. Check out ‘Created By Chaos’ below and head here to find more exciting releases.