Odesza No Sleep

ODESZA – A Moment Apart (Remixes)

Seattle is a good place for great musicians, no matter if you look at Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana and their mega hits ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and ‘Come As You Are’ or at one of America’s most famous rappers, Macklemore and his successful singles such as ‘Thrift Shop’ and ‘Can’t Hold Us’. However, Seattle is also strong in the electronic dance music sector: Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight are undoubtedly the finest EDM names of Seattle. If you don’t know these names then you definitely know their artist name: ODESZA. The iconic duo are a favourite amongst fans around the world and known for their extraordinary productions like Sun Models’. Their latest album ‘A Moment Apart’ was released last year and was a great success. Now, the duo has released an EP with remixes of the album.

The EP consists of 6 songs, all remixed by different artists. MEMBAford., Kodak To GraphMild MindsRunning Touch, and Chet Porter, to name all of them. Like with every remix, the different artist add their own unique touch to the different ODESZA songs. MEMBA’s remix of ‘Corners Of The Earth’ is fuelled by some heavy trap tunes, ‘Thin Floors And Tall Ceilings’, remixed by ford. is a great after hours deep house track. If you prefer some house, then Mild Minds’ remix of ‘Just A Memory’ as well as the ‘Late Night’ remix by Running Touch will be perfect for you. Kodak To Graphs’ remix of ‘Divide’ will set the scene in your head to a beautiful sunset with its chill tunes. To end off the phenomenal remix EP of ‘A Moment Apart’, Chet Porter’s remix of ‘Line Of Sight’ will get you in the mood for a relaxed evening with your friends.

All in all, the EP is full of great and unique tracks, so make sure to check it out below!