Pierro – Revelations

Sweden has had its fair share of superstars in dance music. Breeding some of the most talented individuals, the traits Swedish producers tend to share in their music are quite eye-opening.  Producers like Avicii, AlessoEric Prydz so on and so forth tend to lean towards more anthemic and melodic-inspired content. Known for their enchanting progressions, it is no surprise to see future generations following in their footsteps. Following this notion, Swedish producer Pierro‘s has dropped his newest single ‘Revelations’.

The lucrative record hoists a giant breakdown fueled by massive supersaws that are just screaming to be played in a festival atmosphere. Acquiring influences from various styles, this track displays an immense amount of versatility that’ll keep you content throughout the whole production.

“When I created Revelations the main idea was to mix progressive house with big room and some trance elements. I love to play around with the sounds and see what happens.” – Pierro

The genius showcased in this track is just a spec of what is brewing in Sweden currently. As Pierro stands tall amongst many, the future is certainly bright for the young up and comer. Keeping you on the edge of your seat, ‘Revelations’ is available now on all streaming platforms.

Listen to the track below.

Progressive house was one of the greatest genres in dance music please change my mind.

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