Porter Robinson exclusively purchases 100 tickets for dedicated fans

Arguably one of the great producers of today’s Dance music scene, DJ and production virtuoso Porter Robinson has won the hearts of many fans with his latest gesture. Donning the Virtual Self alter-ego that he launched in 2017, the American DJ was bound to perform this Friday at the 1720 venue in Los Angeles, California. As he was aware that the tickets for the highly coveted live-show will undergo a quick sale and not everyone would have a chance at getting a ticket, Robinson himself purchased 100 tickets for the show and arranged to give them away through the means of a tweet from his official Porter Robinson account.

As he announced this gesture on the internet, Porter invited followers to tag those fans those who specifically enjoyed a variety of genres such as hard techno, classic trance, hardcore, jungle and speedcore. This act of reserving tickets for fans who dabble and delve in his style of production, won over the fans as the tweet saw massive interaction in a flurry – with fans and followers laying claim to their tickets in varied fashion. While the 3-hour long show may already be done and dusted, fans can indeed expect such endearing gestures in the near future from Porter or other artists for their live-shows.

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