Porter Robinson discusses the perfect ingredients needed to make huge dance tracks

He’s come a long way from his hit single ‘Language‘ in 2012, and now, the grown-up Porter Robinson has been speaking to journalists on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards. Nominated for ‘Best Dance Recording’ on account of his huge track ‘Ghost Voices’ under his Virtual Self alias, Porter was discussing the key elements on how to make massive dance hits, and the North Carolina-based star told reporters the secret ingredient is “drums.”

He went on to say:

“A great hook is really critical too. It’s all about structure in dance music. it’s all about the moment something is revealed. Tension and release is the name of the game. This project was me clawing my way out of this creative struggle I was having under my own project and wanting to do something that really subverted expectations and surprised and scared some people. For this to get the Grammy nom, it was so far from what I expected.”

You can catch the full Porter Robinson/Virtual Self interview below:

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