Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson reveals new Virtual Self music in live performance

 Porter Robinson launched his alter ego Virtual Self back in 2017. The act has proven to be a massive success, resulting in some truly timeless music and a recent Grammy nomination. Virtual Self finally performed at The Shrine for the first of three live shows in Los Angeles recently with five thousand people attending his set. His performances recently made headlines when Porter Robinson announced he had purchased 100 tickets from his own event and would give them away to fans. His set was clearly planned to perfection, combining different styles of music which reflect the Virtual Self sound accurately and some outstanding visuals to go along with it.

A standout moment of the night came halfway through to set, when Porter Robinson premiered a new, unreleased song, sending fans crazy. ‘GOD RAYS’ sound like it will be a true club and festival weapon, as it masterfully evolves from a rave style break full of melodies and big saw sounds into a dramatic drop which takes the dancefloor by surprise. The video taken from the crowd of ‘GOD RAYS’ being played live also shows the extra visuals Porter Robinson had to accompany the track, adding to the whole live experience.

Fans around the world are now hoping to hear a full version of ‘GOD RAYS’ soon, be it as a single release or as part of an EP. Be sure to follow Porter Robinson on his social media to keep up to date with his upcoming music and live shows.

You can watch the video taken from the crowd of Porter Robinson playing ‘GOD RAYS’ on YouTube below.


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