ReauBeau delivers ‘CTRL’ EP with final track ‘Freedom’

The future bass genre of electronic dance music is brimming with talent and, in recent years, we’ve seen a host of individuals rise to the top ranks, dominating with their respective sounds. One music producer many have kept a watchful eye on his the uniquely-talented ReauBeau who has sought extreme growth in such a short period. Perhaps it is the hip hop influenced productions that make him one of the most exciting artists in the future bass scene right now. Nonetheless, proving his worth yet again, ReauBeau is back with another fresh new track production, the finishing touch on his CTRL EP. Prepare yourself for the versatility of ‘Freedom‘.

ReauBeau’s ambitions are clear in this track. There’s a no-nonsense approach, just melodic bars, driving atmospheric synths and pulsating beats that all accumulate to one fine-tuned production worthy of chart-success. ‘Freedom‘ is as moving as it is blissful. The soothing vocals across the entire dynamic production make for quite a sonic journey which listeners will thoroughly enjoy. Essentially, ‘Freedom’ began as a blank canvas, but now it’s a masterpiece of emotive sounds, imagination and fully demonstrates ReauBeau’s technical ability in the studio.

Turning attention to his EP – CTRL, it’s easy to see why Reaubeau is considered a fast-rising talent. The seven-track strong EP delivers an array of future bass undertakings, blended with hints of trap sounds and the all-important fuse of hip hop. it’s no wonder the music producer has received support from music legend himself, Tiësto. The Dutchman is well on his way to becoming a household name and, considering that he continues to make waves across the future bass community, it won’t be too long before ReauBeau is heading up the entire genre as one of the most prominent artists. Don’t hang about and get ‘Freedom’ and the entire serving of CTRL EP in your playlists now. Check out the EP below.