Skrillex, Hikaru Utada

Skrillex and Hikaru Utada enter the Billboard Hot 100 with Kingdom Hearts III soundtrack

To say that Skrillex is a machine of making big hits may seem a little cliché, but it will never cease to be true. With great releases on major labels around the world, American Sonny John Moore, AKA the beloved Skrillex, is back on the charts, but this time with a track that is the opening of one of the most anticipated games of the last 13 years: Kingdom Hearts III.

Like the game, which has been long-awaited since 2006, Skrillex’s loyal followers are also looking forward to a new album from the DJ, but as long as it does not come, a track is enough to calm that anxiety, for now at least. ‘Face My Fears‘ shows a different side of Skrillex that has captured the world’s listeners, with a more cheerful, fun sound, reminding a lot of tracks from another producer, Marshmello.

Face My Fears‘ was released in two versions, one in English and one in Japanese, both performed by Japanese-American singer Hikaru Utada, responsible for the opening of Kingdom Hearts since its first edition in 2002. The track, produced by Skrillex, has become a big viral hit and has already entered the much-coveted Billboard HOT 100 chart, debuting at position 98. Making a track for Kingdom Hearts has always been a dream come true for Skrillex, who has been a fan of Hikaru and the franchise. “It sounds kind of crazy, but I always said ‘I want to do the theme for Kingdom Hearts one day”, the artist told The Verge.

Listen to ‘Face My Fears‘ below, and get a feel for what might be a new path for Skrillex with some of his upcoming releases.