Skrillex set to bring his old band back to life next month

Without a doubt, Sonny Moore is the face and originator of the dubstep genre. Better known under his artist name Skrillex, the American has shaped a generation of bass heads for years to come. Even though his pure dubstep releases have been rare lately, Skrillex still put out a lot of quality, like his latest track ‘Face My Fears’ which is the main theme of Square Enix’ highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3. Not many know that Skrillex, despite his passion for electronic dance music, used to be part of a band when he was younger. In fact, that band is now making a small comeback.

The hardcore band From First To Last consited of 4 musicians, one of them was Skrillex, who has been the lead vocalist of the band. From First To Last was based in Los Angeles and in Tampa, Florida. After the band played a reunion show two years ago and even released two new songs where we can hear the vocals of Skrillex once again: ‘Surrender’ and ‘Make War’. Now, the band is set to play another show during the Buku Music & Art Projects after party at Republic in New Orleans.

The show will happen next month, on March 22nd. Unfortunately, the show sold out very quickly, so you either have to pay a super high second-hand price or you wait and hope to catch another show of From First To Last in the future.