The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers see third track hit one billion streams on Spotify

First things first, have you ever taken the time to consider the magnitude of one billion (anything). For example, one million seconds is around 12 days. However, one billion seconds is 34 years. Mind-blowing, we know. So taking that quick analogy into account, The Chainsmokers now have not one, not two, but three tracks to hit the one billion stream milestone on Spotify and we can only imagine there will be more to follow in the future. The track in question is chart-smashing production ‘Something Just Like This‘ which joins the billion stream club and continues to reel in the plays from fans all around the world.

The track is a collaboration with iconic band Coldplay which sees lead band member and vocalist Chris Martin front the track. ‘Something Just Like This’ has not only been a fan favourite but a festival-ready track made for the big stage. There’s probably not one electronic dance music fan who hasn’t listened to this track at least once. Of course, even the track itself has reached over 1.5 billion plays on YouTube.

The Chainsmokers first hit their Spotify billion stream with jaw-dropping track ‘Closer‘ which, just recently, both Alex and Andrew revealed the making of the track in their vlog. The boys went and did it again with ‘Don’t Let Me Down‘. It’s safe to say that the duo both know how to produce the finest tracks to hit the EDM community. If you’re ready to add to the one billion streams and counting, relive the musical goodness below and listen to ‘Something Just Like This‘.