Will Sparks issues apology following alcohol-fueled abuse allegations at Ultra Australia

Confusions involving artists at various electronic events around the world are unfortunately not rare nowadays. Just recently, Australian DJ Will Sparks and Ultra Australia are the latest to fall under that umbrella. After the great edition of the festival in the country, reports of an assistant tour manager, who wishes to remain unidentified, brought to light a not so conventional attitude of the artist. Just before entering the stage for his presentation, Sparks acted in a violent and abusive way, causing some discomfort in some people present.

According to the ATM (Assistant Tour Manager), Sparks entered the trailer assigned to him moments before the presentation, with some girls and requested some drinks. “I let them pour another but told them I’m closing everything down” were the words of the ATM, according to YourEDM via Instagram DM. “They stayed in the doorway to keep me from closing. I politely asked them to move and closed the first door of our trailer and immediately started to be taunted by Will.”

The ATM was called a “stupid c**t” and a “b***h” by Sparks, visibly under the influence of alcohol. The ATM attempted to continue their work, to which the insults from Will Sparks continued. At the time of all the confusion, Will Sparks’ tour manager apologized to the ATM, however, the artist himself did nothing at the time, which caused more discomfort.

After all the fallout, Will Sparks finally issued a statement to the victim. See the full statement below:

I cannot express how regretful and apologetic I am regarding the incident that unfolded in Sydney on Feb 24. I was aggressive and said some unforgiving remarks that made no sense at all and were simply not true. At no point was I ever physical with any of the male or female staff. This is is completely out of character for me. Never in my life have I reacted in such a way, I am very embarrassed by my actions. Unfortunately this was alcohol fuelled, which is no excuse. I had some built up personal frustrations which all came out at once, at an innocent individual who was just doing their job. This is a massive learning curve for me. I embarrassed not only myself, but my whole team as well which I hate myself for. I’m taking full responsibility for my actions and am willing to do what it takes to mend the situation as best I can. I have also issued my apology to the person affected.

Amy Jane Brand spoke on Twitter and said that “if you can not handle alcohol, you should not drink” to which many people agreed. While drinking before a gig is completely commonplace, artists are morally obligated to control their alcohol intake

H/T: YourEDM