Audien & Echosmith – Favorite Sound

Audien has no doubt grown to become one of the most respected and talented producers in the electronic dance music scene. His iconic progressive style built around unique sounds and breathtaking melodic elements. His latest release comes in the form of a collaboration with the talented Echosmith.

‘Favorite Sound’ is yet another melodic masterpiece by Audien, who slows the tempo down for this track, allowing him to feature a different style of melody to what we are used to hearing from him whilst still maintaining his signature touch on the track. The chords and leading sounds accompany the infectious vocal perfectly before building into an incredibly powerful drop built around a catchy hook and massive chord elements. Despite being at a slower tempo than most progressive house tracks, ‘Favorite Sound’ will no doubt be an important club and festival weapon this season and we will no doubt hear this one being performed time and time again on the world’s biggest stages. Speaking about the release to Billboard, Audien stated:

“The goal behind ‘Favorite Sound’ was to create something super pretty and meaningful. The lyrics speak to us a lot right now, and I am glad we could put something out that is relevant to us currently. I always work on songs that I connect with, but they typically come out so much later. his song is literally brand new, and I’m feeling it in a big way.”

Echosmith singer Sydney Sierota also spoke about the creative process behind ‘Favorite Sound’ and the experience of working together with Audien.

“Writing this song came so naturally because it comes from such a personal place for me. It started in our home studio in L.A., and it ended up becoming one of my favourite collaborations. The creative process itself felt surprisingly easy, and I love that we were able to give each other really honest input, considering we were all just getting to know each other. I think every good collaboration starts with artists who respect each other’s art and are genuine fans of each other, and it totally felt that way for us.”

Be sure to listen to the incredible ‘Favourite Sound’ via the Spotify link below.

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