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‘Avicii by Avicii’ remix album of ‘True’ turns 5 years old

With the dreaded date of 20th April soon arriving for Avicii fans worldwide, fans of the Swedish legend are finding different ways to spend the date honouring their hero on the one year anniversary of his death. But rather than rewind one year to the dark events of that night in Oman, we’re throwing it all the way back to March 2014, a full 5 years ago, when Avicii dropped the special remix album of his 2013 production ‘True’.

The album, hugely controversial at the time, saw Tim ditch his melodic prog-house style previously heard on tracks like ‘Levels‘ and ‘I Could Be The One’ in favour of a more country and blues focused sound. However, never one to ignore the urges of his fans, Monsieur Bergling – like the perfectionist he was – spent hours in the studio remixing each and every track on the album into a more club-ready version, and then unleashed the full ‘Avicii by Avicii’ album in March 2014.

Including several iconic cuts, including the huge remix of ‘Addicted To You’, the pioneer of EDM had once again proved to the entire industry that he was capable of earning the title ‘genius’ across more than one sub-genre of dance. Relive this beast below:

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