Spinnin Records

Biray – We Gonna Rock

When the EDM behemoth that is Spinnin’ Records opened its Talent Pool several years ago, it instantly became a fantastic way for up-and-coming producers to get a huge leg up in the industry. Many have tried their hand at submitting a smash, but as is the way with these things, only a select few get a release, and even fewer kick-start a fully-fledged career. Yet one such newcomer who looks sure to fit into the latter category is young French producer Biray.

Blasting straight onto the scene with his track ‘We Gonna Rock, this is one of those tracks that sticks its head above the trees and should be sure to catch plenty of attention. Those of a more cynical nature might be expecting your typical future house fayre from the first couple of bars, but it’s quickly becomes clear this is actually something rather special. For a kick-off, while Biray clearly has his production skills well and truly nailed, ‘We Gonna Rock’ features something that is crucially lacking in many EDM tracks – a sublime talent for songwriting. It’s got a great vocal, some killer chords, and an insanely catchy hook. We don’t want to jump the gun or put too much pressure on the guy given he’s only been releasing music since last year, but this has “radio hit” written all over it, and it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see this having a pop at the mainstream charts come the summer.

With support already from names as big as David Guetta and Afrojack, you can be sure to hear plenty more Biray in the future, and you can check out ‘We Gonna Rock’ in full below.