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Bradley Gunn Raver announces retirement from dance music

The name ‘Bradley Gunn Raver‘ is one synonymous with dance music over recent years. By now, you’ll have seen him on various videos across social media, shuffling away with his celebrity DJ pals such as Seth Troxler. But now, Bradley Gunn Raver is set to just become ‘Bradley Gunn’, announcing his retirement from the dance music world earlier tonight.

Bradley, a dance music fan living in the United Kingdom, was first catapulted into the public spotlight when a BBC Three documentary showed footage of Bradley raving at Junction 2 festival in West London. Bradley told cameras how dance music was an escape from his normal life (something we can all relate to), and how he felt ‘free’ at dance music events, knowing that his fellow ravers don’t judge him or his struggles with Asperger syndrome.

But as Bradley became something of a celebrity in the dance music world, he stated on his Instagram that his new found fame was not something he was comfortable with and so, would be hanging up his rave goggles and trainers for good. You can catch the full statement from Bradley Gunn Raver below, in which he emotionally reveals his full reasons for quitting the scene via his Instagram page. On behalf of everybody at We Rave You, we would like to thank Bradley for bringing dance music to the forefront of media attention and inspiring those with similar conditions through the love of music and dancing.

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