Clean Bandit – Mama [feat. Ellie Goulding] (Tiësto’s Big Room Remix)

Despite a truly incredible career spanning several decades, legendary DJ and producer Tiësto is showing no signs of slowing down. He has had a very strong start to 2019, announcing an exciting upcoming collaboration with Becky Hill and Shift K3Y. He also delivered an incredibly powerful ‘big room’ remix of Niels van Gogh‘s ‘Pulverturm’, which was supported by all the biggest acts in the scene. Today he follows up his success with a brand new remix of Clean Bandit and Ellie Goulding‘s ‘Mama’.

The remix is available now via Spinnin’ Records, and it will be no doubt be a massive success with the festival season being closer than ever. Tiësto shows all of his unquestionable talent in the studio on this remix, being able to build around the most memorable elements of the original before building an incredible amount of tension which releases all at once in a powerful drop which combines synth elements with percussive ones to obtain a unique and dynamic result.

Tiësto also ventured into business with 305 Fitness late in 2018. Earlier this week fans saw the first product of this partnership as Tiësto posted a high-energy 30 minute set as part of 305 Fitness Studio’s ‘305 at Home’ series. The mix is meant to encourage a fitness workout and is available to access on YouTube. Speaking about the mix, Tiësto stated:

“The energy of the aerobic workout is on point, thanks to this dance music legend. “305 Fitness gave me special instructions for the breaks and the tempo. So the flow, down to every move, fits the soundtrack”

Be sure to listen to Tiësto’s new remix via the Spinnin’ Records YouTube channel below.

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