David Guetta sued by Daniel Baron for alleged plagiarism over ‘Light Headed’

South African singer/producer Daniel Baron has filed a lawsuit against French superstar DJ David Guetta, as he claims that the former world’s number 1 DJ has plagiarized the melody of his 2017 collab with Sia, ‘Light Headed’. Guetta released the track as a single from his latest album ‘7’, but according to Baron, his 2016 hit ‘Children Of The Sun’ contains the exact same riff and melody line.

Daniel Baron went on air on South African radio show Breakfast with Martin Bester” , claiming that David Guetta possibly would have heard ‘Children Of The Sun’ on a local radio station when he was traveling to Johannesburg in 2017 for Ultra South Africa:

“Guetta was playing at Ultra that year, so there is a high possibility that one of the other DJs played my song and he heard it. When I heard the song for the very first time, it was the craziest feeling ever. It was a mixture of shock, disbelief, and honor.”

According to Baron, he didn’t want to go public about the case at first, as he tried to send Guetta a formal legal letter to alert him in December of 2018. In the letter, he asked to be credited on ‘Light Headed’ as well, but when he heard nothing back, his legal team sent it to everyone they could think of that could get it to him.

So far, David Guetta’s management nor his label Warner Music have given an official statement about the copyright infringement lawsuit. Check out the song similarity down below on YouTube and decide for yourself if you think that Daniel Baron’s case will hold up in court.