deadmau5 shares mind-blowing footage of Cube 3.0 construction

Over recent months, the story of deadmau5 has varied from tweet to tweet, update to update, and beyond. The storyline goes like this: October 2018, mau5 drops off the grid after social media uproar following his comments towards Slushii, and cancels event appearances in the wake; November, mau5 returns with a surprise EP release; January 2019, the Cube 3.0 project is revealed to be premiered at Ultra Music Festival. Though many thought that after October’s occurances that mau5 would be staying under the radar, he has certainly hit back with the biggest bang possible, bringing the Cube 3.0 to life. Now, footage has emerged showing the phenomenal construction of the Cube, and this is a set you won’t want to skip after this!

Setbacks meant nothing in the grand scheme of things, and plenty of work was going on behind the scenes to make sure that 2019 would be Joel Zimmerman’s biggest year yet. The former Cube productions have been incredible, however you know that this one is going to go one better. The video in question displays a time lapse, during which the production team carefully construct this elegant yet frightening piece of equipment. Previous Cube’s have seen deadmau5 take to the top for his performances, yet this one is large enough to contain the full booth within it, and work around mau5 during his set, rather than below him. The Cube can move, rotate, tilt, and more, with screens embedded to create a wall of light, and take visual displays to the next level. Gone are the simple days of projectors, or LED light screens. Instead, the LED panels have a translucence that allows for that 3D effect, whilst still allowing attendees to see the iconic deadmau5 helmet from within.

This is something that will go beyond many visual stage presences displayed before, and signify the returning dominance of deadmau5. The Ultra Live Stage is in for a treat when the Canadian producer closes things out on the Saturday of this years festival, but until the live stream displays this beast in all of its glory, check out the video below for a sneak peak.

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