Flume drops highly awaited ‘Hi This Is Flume’ mixtape

Although we have had little to hear from his production desk of late, Australian DJ and record producer Flume is back with a sumptuous mixtape. The news about the mixtape spread at breakneck speed after an announcement by the Aussie DJ on Twitter. Now up on his official Soundcloud and Spotify, the mixtape – titled ‘Hi This Is Flume’ – is already causing waves across the streaming platforms with its sheer variety and quality. The mixtape features some of his most brilliant productions and, as always, showcases jaw-dropping break-beat energy in the all of the 16 tracks so presented. The mix kicks off with a quirky intro that ushers joy in the listeners’ mind – a playful joy akin to the nostalgia of returning to a sound you always enjoyed, the sound of Flume.

The mix then breaks into a flurry of bass-laced breaks that impress equally with each thump while setting the foundation for the rest of the mix. The mixtape then features ‘Ecdysis’, ‘High Beams’ and ‘Jewel’ before a peculiarly titled interlude helps us transition towards a flurry of tracks such as ‘Dreamtime’, ‘How to Build a Relationship’, ‘Wormhole’ and ‘Vitality’. Ending with ‘Spring’, the 17-track mixtape is a stellar gift from Flume – its inventive, its impressive and has loads of fresh music for the eagerly waiting fans. Released on Aussie Electronic and Alternative imprint Future Classic, this latest mixtape has already been met with great reception from all corners of the electronic music scene and does well to further cement Flume’s position as an iconic act that he is.

You can check out the full track-list of the mix on 1001Tracklists here. Purchase it on iTunes here.

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