Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix reveals new AREA21 music is on the way

He’s the biggest DJ in the world. He might even be the biggest pop star in the world. The rise of Martin Garrix has been nothing short of mesmerising in recent years, with the Dutch producer scooping a consecutive trilogy of titles in the DJ Mag Top 100 poll, and you wouldn’t bet against him making it four in a row this October! But now, Garrix has revealed details of fresh music from his alias, AREA21.

The side project, which sees Garrix work with rapper Maejor, has dropped only five songs so far, but is still wildly popular with Martin’s fans and beyond. The new track is called ‘Help‘ and is set to drop at the end of this week, with a mysterious Facebook post eluding to a new track potentially landing on Friday.

You can check out the post below, with all Martin fans eagerly primed for the release of fresh music from their hero.

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