Head Studios showcases pioneering range of services for DJs & Producers

A little less than 2 years ago, we sat down with Turin based DJ, producer and entrepreneur Luca Testa to talk about his origins, his latest collaborations and his exciting ventures. A personality familiar with donning multiple hats throughout the day, Luca told us about the pioneering Head Studios initiative. Head Studios, as touted by us previously, is an initiative within the dance music industry to help upcoming talents hone their talents and get the best out of their music production. But the services on offer at the Head Studios setup is in no way limited to just targeting upcoming and budding artists, although the initiative does offer dedicated courses, mastering/mixing services and other preliminary assistance.

With the pressing need for more professionals to form the backbone of the brand of a producer/DJ, the industry has been a welcoming place for initiatives such as Head Studios. Assisted by this trend, the Head Studios setup offers help in areas as varied as finding singers/vocalists for tracks, assisting with the promo for the track and helping the track to ‘get out there’ in the market and on the charts. Taking no prisoners about the prevalence of Ghost Production in the industry, the venture even has production services being offered for those willing to avail. Having expanded significantly, the initiative also offers some novel and interesting services such as handling Bookings, Merchandising, Press Office work/Public Relations, Web Designing for artists, Studio building, Consulting and Social Networking among others.

While such services are available in the dance music industry on a daily basis from many sources, never before have all of them been available under the same banner and roof. What this marks out is the way that the services offered by ventures such as Head Studios have experienced a need to change over time as today it is needed that artists are backed not just by their music but a team of industry professionals who work on the artist’s brand, appeal and interests to ensure success. Looking at the trend in vogue, it appears true that Head Studios has already taken a significant advantage in this wing of the industry – they offer, as they claim, ‘everything an artist needs’.

For more information, visit the official Head Studios website here. Their presence on social media is accessible here on Facebook and here on Linkedin.
You can also reach them via: [email protected] and www.headmusicstudios.com

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