Diplo, Sia, Labrinth

Labrinth, Sia and Diplo trio return with upbeat single ‘No New Friends’

Famously known by their abbreviated LSD moniker, the star studded trio of British musician, rapper, producer, singer and songwriter Labrinth, Australian producer, singer-songwriter Sia and American DJ and producer Diplo had absolutely captured the attention of the industry after announcing itself last year. The trio went on to release a few singles such as ‘Thunderclouds‘, ‘Mountains‘ and ‘Audio‘ and were met with a great reception in general throughout the year. Not ones to remain outside the headlines, they recently announced that they will be releasing the LSD trio’s debut album in April. While we await the album with great eagerness, the first single from the debut release is already out to create a stellar impression of what lies within.

Titled ‘No New Friends’, the track sees the trio at their finest – with their myriad styles, all entwined together seamlessly to give an energetic foundation to the track, ‘No New Friends’ is a typical zeitgeist pop single that features well-crafted notes at the start and only slowly become laced with a more heavy bass-like sound. As Sia and Labrinth’s voices get the track going, a choir-like chorus gets ready to ring out, accompanied by punchy beat-work – both of which are bound to make the track a commercial success. Structured for the charts, ‘No New Friends’ breathes new life into the debut album’s wait and allows the LSD trio to have already released a sumptuous single for the fans.

You can stream ‘No New Friends’ on Spotify here. Check out their upcoming album here.

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