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Marshmello slams Ultra for ‘lame’ KFC PR stunt

Millions of people – both at the event – and watching the live stream, were left befuddled on Friday as the opening day of Ultra Music Festival got off to a fairly cringe-inducing start. With the mainstage at the 21st anniversary of the Miami event packed from front to back with thousands from all over the world, who had travelled the to brand-new Virginia Key location, a new DJ by the name of ‘Colonel Sanders’ took to the stage.

The act, in fact, proved to be nothing more than a KFC publicity stunt, with a DJ wearing a giant helmet of the iconic chicken master’s face dropping a tuneless production which just seemed to endlessly count down from 10 to 0 on a loop whilst a voiceover welcomed the people of ‘Kentucky’ before apologising for the deliberate error and addressing the Florida crowd. The fans, like those watching at home, seemed unimpressed as nobody danced to the original recipe track.

With sections of Twitter labelling the stunt as “the worst moment in EDM history”, American superstar Marshmello also laid the boot into his fellow masked-‘DJ’, adding that many other artists deserved to be on that stage instead, and Mello might have a point. With acts like Swedish House Mafia absent from the festival this year, Ultra fans were certainly not too keen on this finger-lickin’ PR disaster.

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