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Martin Garrix, Matisse & Sadko Feat. Alex Aris – Mistaken

A collaborative duo who have together built a peach of a catalog of mellifluous tracks, the cross Europe pairing of Dutch dance music superstar Martin Garrix and Russian DJ/producer duo Matisse & Sadko has been one of the more industrious pairings of the scene. Together, the two have delivered hit tracks such as ‘Forever‘, ‘Together‘, ‘Break Through The Silence‘ and ‘Dragon‘. In this extended process of exploring their own special, collaborative sound, the duo have surely garnered a following for this eclectic yet esoteric style of production – featuring big, melody-laced build ups and anthem-like drops. While two long years had passed since the release of their last collaboration, the collaborative pairing are back to the charts with ‘Mistaken’.

Featuring vocals from Alex Aris and released on Garrix’ STMPD Records, ‘Mistaken’ is yet another one of this pairing’s top notch productions. Built around Aris’ enchanting voice and serene vocal shift, the production from the duo begins as a soft cushion before letting the synth-work switch the tempo of the track towards the signature build-up, showcasing uplifting synth jabs and exhilarating beat-work. As the track breaks into its own, its entirety is heavily reminiscent of the so called ‘golden-era’ of dance music that marked the heydays of the progressive house sound. Assured to be one of the top releases of the week, the release of ‘Mistaken’ – along with its thumping club mix – marks the 5th collaboration between the ever-impressive pairing of Martin Garrix and Matisse & Sadko.

You can purchase the single on iTunes here or stream on Spotify here.

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