Mausio – Through the Night (feat. Bibiane Z)

With his sights set on the top tier ranks and eager to be one of Germany’s top dance music sensations, music producer Mausio is delivering the goods in his latest production that’s certainly going to grab the attention of the dance music community. The highly-skilled producer has already earned himself an ambitious fanbase that follows the DJ from show to show. In return, Mausio consistently delights his crowds with an arsenal of ready-to-deploy bangers that rock even the biggest of clubs into dance frenzies. Now equipped with his latest production, ‘Through The Night‘, he’s ready to bring some musical carnage to his next show.

The track offers the best of both worlds, as delicate vocals and graceful melodies collide with assertive basslines for the ultimate display of production ability. For this unique production, the German enlists the help of music artist Bibiane Z to lay forth her vocals across the thumping track. Mausio doesn’t skip a beat as ‘Through The Night‘ delivers a bold drop worthy of mainstage plays. If you didn’t catch the beauty of this track the first time around, Mausio hits you with a healthy second dose of those stunning vocals and dominant beats.

With an ear for detail and an unmistakable style, the music producer is tightening his production skills on what he calls future techno and his results are reaching new heights. With his productions influenced by melodic-driven club breakers and peak time anthems, Mausio’s musical cooking oven is turned up to the max because he’s constantly delivering the hottest productions about.

Get ready to feast your ears on some fresh new beats and check out the track below.