Moby’s iconic release ‘Lift Me Up’ turns 14 years old

At the age of 53, most people will be building up their retirement money ready to pack the job in a few years down the line, and settle down playing crosswords for the rest of their days. The same can’t be said for those in the music industry, as although many build up millions in potential retirement cash, the love for their trade keeps them going for years on out. That is exactly the case for Richard Melville Hall, who isn’t exactly your ordinary 53 year old by still releasing music to this very day. Known to you by his stage name, legendary producer Moby has celebrated many great achievements through his phenomenal music, and the 14th birthday of the iconic ‘Lift Me Up‘ follows suit, as one of Moby’s greatest releases.

Producing the impeccable Go in the early nineties, Moby’s fame rose quickly, through numerous elegant productions that blended in elements from numerous genres into electronic tracks. ‘Lift Me Up‘ brought a rock spin with a powerful message, as the track was said to be about the rise of global intolerance and fundamentalism. Though the track didn’t reach the dizzy heights of ‘Go‘, it broke through many charts and into Top 20’s worldwide, and is still thought of as one of Moby’s finest releases.

Listen back to the iconic Moby playing ‘Lift Me Up‘ in this music video.

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