Nike unveils new ‘Berlin Techno’ sneakers

Legendary sneaker brand Nike has just announced they will be dropping a new collection of shoes which will pay tribute to the Berlin club culture. Berlin is known around the world for being one of the most iconic cities in the world when it comes to parties festivals and raves. Berlin is also known as being one of the world’s techno capitals, with many iconic artists like Ben Klock and Ellen Allien all coming from the German city.

The Nike Air Max 180 BLN will release officially on March 26th on Air Max day and on March 30th via the SNEAKRS app. The design of the shoe features the words “UNITY” and “FREEDOM” on its soles. They also feature bright and outstanding neon colours on the heel on the tongue, which are meant to represent the city’s famous club-oriented inclinations.

Also collaborating on this sneaker release are legendary Berlin techno label Keinemusik and international DJ Honey Dijon. Talking about the importance of techno for the city of Berlin, the Keinemusik collective stated:

“West Berlin felt like an enclave until the wall came down, like a place with its own rules. After the wall came down, the means of freedom in both parts of the city translated into a creative anything goes mentality. A perfect breeding ground for subcultures, with techno being one of the most important and steady ones.”

Last year, a documentary was released giving insight into Berlin’s iconic club scene. Be sure to watch the trailer for ‘Sound Of Berlin’ on YouTube below.


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