Porter Robinson announces extended ‘Virtual Self’ set for Miami Music Week

Fresh off his Grammy nomination that saw Ghost Voices run for ‘Best Dance Recording’, Porter Robinson has been reshaping the dance music circuit for almost 2 years now with his distinct and genre-bending sound under the pseudonym: Virtual Self. If the music isn’t enough to speak for itself, the North Carolina-based musician offers mind-blowing live shows that effortlessly waltz between sonic and visual style. More recently with regards to his live shows, Porter purchased a hundred tickets for his own show to give away to fans, and now that incredible 2 hour set in LA is available online to stream.

Following this stream of successful tunes and live productions, the American just locked in an extended clubsystem set during Miami Music Week, posting the flyer on his twitter feed. The stripped-back edition of Virtual Self’s shows has seen itself take place in locations such as New York and London, whereby the next installment finds itself at Soho Studios on the 30th of March. Tickets can be bought right here, and one can definitely expect him to drop a multitude of released and unreleased originals, with a focused emphasis on ‘GOD RAYS’ which may or may not be out by then. It’s exciting, to say the least, that there are no signs of slowing down with this refreshing artist project, and the future of it and the musical landscape as a whole is in for a rather sweet treat.