Project north

Project North & GLDN feat. Veronica Bravo – YOUNG

For many laymen, dance music is all about beats and repetitive rhythms, but for those in the know, there’s always a solid piece of traditional songwriting at the heart of any good electronic track. Hailing from dance music’s most prolific nation, the Netherlands, Project North combine a meld of electronic elements and musical styles, and this is evident in their latest track Young’, a collaboration with GLDN and featuring the vocals of Veronica Bravo.

Despite the European roots, the track has a very North American feel, something which is more than a compliment given the current status quo in dance music. Indeed, it’s the blend of electronica, trip-hop, and even a decent hint of pop that should make ‘Young’ stand out in a world where the boundaries between genres are increasingly blurred. Bravo’s vocal performance is understated yet powerful, and the purely acoustic intro gives the track a radio-friendly feel. Overall, it’s a fine testament to the fact our scene has become truly global, and that influences can have a massive range.

‘Young’ is available to listen to in full below, and be sure to keep an eye out for more of Project North in the coming months.

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