RavenKis – Roller Coaster

If you’re looking for a break from all the hard-hitting drops, unflinching basslines and driving bass-fused rhythms that have been on offer recently, we’ve got something you’re going to like right on your doorstep. Courtesy of music producer RavenKis, the talented individual releases one of the smoothest tracks you’ll hear this month. The track is called ‘Roller Coaster‘ and while one might expect quite the ride, this one keeps things subtle, elegant and refreshingly melodic. The track gets its release on RavenKis’ own label OWLS Records and this one is going to earn the attention of music fans alike. Sit back, relax and enjoy ‘Roller Coaster‘ to the max.

Dosed with a melodic blend of downtempo and progressive, this track is soft and gentle on the ears, yet still maintains a delicate bassline throughout. Instantly from the onset, the track’s velvety character caresses the listener into a state of euphoria as the dominating vocals glisten intently across bouncy melodies and precise rhythms that are nothing short of infectious. In a sense, ‘Roller Coaster‘ becomes more sophisticated with each play. Don’t believe us? Hit play and see for yourself.

If you check out RavenKis’ résumé, you’ll see the producer is capable of creating quite the euphoria in each track he releases such as the likes of ‘SuperHuman‘ and ‘Stellar‘. Equally, RavenKis knows how to produce a solid banger of a tune. His impeccable production ‘Vendetta‘ comes with a menacing drop. So, if you want to hear more like, show your support and check out his SoundCloud here.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for RavenKis as he continues to drop sensational tracks. 2019 could be the year that you hear RavenKis more and more, or better yet, catch him on the festival and club circuit. He’s certainly one producer to keep your eye on. Now, get ready to be taken on a ride and enjoy ‘Roller Coaster’ below.