Sullivan King

Sullivan King – Save The World

Since the clock chimed on the new year, the electronic dance music scene has been inundated with plenty of new music as genre-dominating artists continue to churn out track after track. This tide of musical goodies has kept We Rave You’s releases+ page a busy one and with each passing day, we’re never too sure what we are going to hear or feast on next. However, LA-based music producer Sullivan King might have just dropped the most refreshingly mind-bending production of 2019 so far and we’re excited to share this one with you. It’s quite rare that we are treated to a track of such technicality, but Sullivan demonstrates his production excellence in this brand new release. Self-released by the talented individual at the start of March, let us welcome you to ‘Save The World‘.

Sullivan King gets to grips with an electronic classic in the form of Swedish House Mafia‘s universally loved ‘Save The World‘. For his production, the producer utilises the track’s iconic lyrics only to implement them into one of the most flawlessly designed bodies of music that blends the boldest electronic sounds together. ‘Save The World’ is surprisingly audacious, yet offers a musical appeal to wider audiences of the EDM community. It’s a progressively mainstage-banger in the beginning but a frenzied dubstep monster by the end. Both scary and subtle in nature, there’s no telling what you will get around each corner of the track. Behind the creation of this beauty, Sullivan said:

One of the first electro house tracks I heard was Knife Party‘s remix of SHM’s ‘Save The World’ which was definitely a massive part of my intro into early 2010’s dance music. For years I wanted to find a way to make that song my own for live shows. I don’t play a lot of super well known Top 40 dance songs so when I end up throwing something like this in a set, I love giving it my own take. I toyed with ideas for this for over a year and wasn’t ever really jazzed on any of it. The day before the first show on this year’s Apex Tour with Excision, I wanted to bring something different into my sets. I finished this in about 3-4 hours and drove to Las Vegas for a show the next morning to test it out.”

As ‘Save The World‘ reaches its end, any listener can identify King’s influences that have helped him produce such quality in this musical product. For an artist who sings, writes, and produces all his own tracks, it is undeniable that there is magnificent talent in this 24-year-old and more yet to follow. We’re keeping an eye on Sullivan King as this will not be the last time you hear this name. Indulge in ‘Save The World’ below.