Third Party

Third Party – Falling (feat. First State & Anita Kelsey)

The news of the long awaited, highly anticipated second full length album from UK progressive house duo Third Party hit its peak recently, as it was revealed that the album would finally drop on 15th March. This came as a delight to all fans of Harry Bass and Jonnie Macaire‘s tracks, as the ‘Live Forever‘ producers have built up to this album with two LIIIVE shows, that saw the duo showcase new music at the Liverpool Olympia in April 2018, and just last month, where the album was played in its entirety. Following the early release of ‘Midnight‘, ‘Come With Me‘, ‘Free‘, and ‘Remember‘ last year, the first of the new tracks from the TOGETHER album has dropped, and your are guaranteed to find yourself ‘Falling‘ in love with this new one!

The production genius possessed by Harry and Jonnie is unrivalled, as the duo continue to deliver on every single track. ‘Falling‘ brings together vibes from the original trance version released by First State and Anita Kelsey back in 2007, and revamps the track with the original vocal into a modern progressive house anthem. This is not the first time that Third Party have revived classic vocals, such as in their tracks ‘Free‘, ‘Never Let You Go‘, and ‘Midnight‘, and this track is no different, with the duo creating an impeccable track that brings emotion, energy, and a breathtaking blend of pads, leads, and arps. With 4 more tracks yet to drop from the upcoming album – ‘Together‘, ‘Northern Lights‘, ‘Shadows‘, and ‘Higher‘ – ‘Falling‘ gives an inside taste into what is coming from the Essex duo. After releasing on Armada, Size, DLDK Music, and now working on their own label Release Records, there is no stopping Third Party, as the pair take the progressive world by storm with each and every track.

Go and check out ‘Falling‘ below – don’t forget the official LIIIVE video too – and get yourself hyped up for the new Third Party album that drops next week!

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