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Tiësto & Dzeko feat. Lena Leon – Halfway There

Last time Tiësto and Dzeko worked together on a track, it ended up being one of the biggest successes of 2018. Their crossover hit ‘Jackie Chan’ featuring Preme and Post Malone was heard at clubs and festivals all over the world during the summer of 2018, the track also charted internationally and amassed over 120 million views on the official lyric video. With Tiësto having had an incredibly strong start to 2019, releasing 2 incredibly powerful ‘big room remixes‘, he returns to his label Musical Freedom together with the talented Dzeko with a new big room banger ‘Halfway There’.

‘Halfway There’ starts off with an intense melodic section fit for the biggest festival mainstages before building an incredible amount of energy and tension which are all released at once on the drop. Tiësto and Dzeko showcase all of their talent in the studio as they are able to combine melodic elements in the drop without losing power throughout it, giving ‘Halfway There’ a fresh sound whilst still making it irresistible to dance to. The second break features even more melodic elements which compliment Lena Leon‘s impeccable vocal performance perfectly before returning to an even bigger climax. Talking about the release, Tiësto stated:

“I premiered this track at Tomorrowland last year and we’ve been getting messages from people about releasing it ever since,” says Tiësto is a press release. “It has a nice old-school, catchy melody and that’s why I love this so much!”

‘Halfway There’ is no doubt a track we will hear time and time again this year as festival season is now almost under way. Be sure to follow Tiësto and Dzeko on their social media to keep up to date with their upcoming live shows and releases. You can also stream ‘Halfway There’ via the YouTube link below.

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